Poser and “sheet metal tinder” at Corona: Police catch 181 speeders

Police pick up car posers at “Blech-Tinder” in Dortmund

In Dortmund, car posers and speeders also violated the Corona regulation: 181 speeders were caught in an action by the NRW police!

I.n times of the coronavirus, auto poseers are still active – and despite assembly restrictions, they have found a new way of meeting. At the “Sheet metal tinder“(the word is made up of car sheet metal and the name of a dating app) metal lovers came together in Dortmund last weekend. The action called the Dortmund police on Saturday (January 16, 2021), who were involved in a special mission in the Fight against speeders, posers and the illegal tuning scene installed several checkpoints in the city center. Result: 218 vehicles were checked, including a BMW X4, but also highly motorized Audi and Mercedes from all over the Ruhr area! Particularly serious in Corona times: The NRW police found 29 violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance during the poser controls. Either the ban on gatherings was violated or the necessary mouth and nose protection was not worn.

Local residents complain about noise

In the past few weeks, complaints from residents about noise pollution in downtown Dortmund had accumulated. A complaint was filed against the persons concerned and 57 dismissals were issued. Blood samples were taken from three drivers suspected of using drugs. The police checked a total of 373 people. The North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) also stopped by during the control operations. He praised the officials: “What the Dortmund police are doing here is really impressive and it only works that way.” Here is the post from the Dortmund police:

Intense Facebook discussion about auto posers

During heavy snowfall, the police set up a number of checkpoints in Dortmund on Saturday night.

© Police headquarters in Dortmund

The action was closely followed by users on Facebook, users pointed the police to other locations where they observed Posers were traveling. After all, the new action by the police against car victims seems to be bearing fruit: According to the police, significantly fewer scene members came to Dortmund’s city center. The operations manager of the Dortmund police, Police Councilor Stephanie Luzemann, makes it clear: “Public road traffic is not a space for events and experiences.” During the campaign, 181 speeders were found all over Dortmund – and one participant in a traffic accident escape.


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