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Possible sequel to much-discussed documentary Britney Spears

The success of the documentary Framing Britney Spears may be continued. The makers of the much-discussed documentary do not rule out that there will be a second part.

That’s what New York Times Journalist Liz Day says The Hollywood Reporter. The documentary, which shows how the media dealt with Britney in her younger years, has caused a lot. Many responses, but also many questions. Part 2 would not be a bad idea, according to the makers. “We would love that!” Says Day.

Trust gained

“We still have so much material lying around, and we have deleted so much during editing so as not to make the documentary too long. And since the release of the documentary we have received a lot of new information, which we would like to explore further. ” According to Day, the documentary has won the trust of even more people around the singer. “People were very suspicious of the press at first.” Because they have had bad experiences in the past. “The documentary is very respectful to people who helped us.” This has probably led others to want to help them further.

In Framing Britney Spears Several people open a book about the situation of the singer, including a good friend of the family, a lawyer who works in the curatorship case and a marketing manager of the record company who originally conceived the image of Britney. In 2007 Britney Spears had a nervous breakdown. As a result, she was placed under full tutelage by her father Jamie Spears in 2008. Since then, he has managed his daughter’s financial affairs. He also seems to be largely in control of her daily life.

Blowing up dust

The documentary, which was shown on Dutch TV on Monday, has generated many worldwide and Dutch reactions. Several Hollywood stars expressed support for Britney and called for Britney to be ‘free’ from her father. The documentary also caused a stir in the Netherlands. The makers have an excerpt from the TV Show by Ivo Niehe. The AVROTROS celebrity asked Britney about her breasts and is called misogynistic by the makers of the documentary. According to Niehe, the fragment was used without sketching the context. He wanted to give her the opportunity to comment on all the coverage about her breast augmentation. Niehe says that the atmosphere was good during the conversation. “Britney used it gratefully and extensively,” said Niehe.

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Possible sequel to much-discussed documentary Britney Spears


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