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Post Malone releases its own rosé

Singer-songwriter Post Malone will soon expand his field. He will do this by marketing his own wine. It is a rosé from France. Post Malone got the idea after some wine with his good friend actor Mark Wahlberg.

The tattoo under the eyes of Post Malone may say that he is “always tired”, in reality the singer-songwriter still finds enough time to do other things with his life. He now surprisingly comes with his own wine.


Yes, you read that right: Post Malone is going to market its own wine. It will be a rosé and there is good reason for this in Post Malone. “Rosé is a category that was no more than a trend ten years ago,” said Post Malone’s business partner James Morrissey to Forbes. “People thought it would be a trend that would pass quickly. But now we are ten years later and there is a 30 to 50 percent increase in rosé consumption every year. It has become a fixture in the beverage industry. ”

The choice for rosé was therefore quickly made. In an interview with Zane Lowe on his vineyard, Post Malone said it would mainly be a wine that you can “drink after a long, stressful day, when you’ve worked hard and nothing seems to be going well. Then you can come home and relax with a glass of wine ”.

Maison 9 wine

The wine, which was named Maison 9 wine, will go on sale from next month. For the wine, Post Malone worked with his manager Dre London and his close friend James Morrissey, who has experience in marketing. But the idea came from another friend: actor Mark Wahlberg. In an interview with Forbes, Dre London explains how exactly that went. “We went to Mark Walhberg’s house and he really has a huge wine collection,” says the manager. “Post managed to develop a good and expensive taste in wine. Suddenly he was a wine expert. And it all started with Mark Wahlberg. ”

In 2019, Post Malone, Morrissey and London then went to a vineyard in France to create their own wine. It turned into a rosé with strawberry notes, but it is not a sweet wine, Morrissey emphasizes. “We didn’t want anything too sweet, we wanted something that you can drink at any time of the day, not for a few glasses, but a few bottles.” The vineyard is located near Saint-Tropez and can also be seen in the clip from Post Malones song St. Tropez.

Some wine at concerts

The wine is in a special bottle, the “cork” is made of glass. This should represent the top of a castle. This makes it feel “like you get access to the crown jewels when you open the bottle,” explains Dre London. A regular bottle of Post Malone rosé will cost $ 21.99 ($ ​​20.37). Furthermore, 1.5 liter bottles ($ 44.99, converted $ 41.67) or 3 liters ($ 89.99, converted $ 83.34) are also available.

In addition, the wine will also be available at concerts of Post Malone, when concerts can be held again. Because that is not yet clear due to the corona pandemic. However, this is the right time to launch the wine. “It’s the perfect time to release wine with everything that’s happening right now,” London said. “It brings light into a dark time. So let’s get together, but not too close, enjoy a glass of wine and laugh together, just like we used to. ”


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