Postponement of Execution realizes ‘miracle’ for Ineke

In 2011, Ineke and her husband bought their dream house in Bolsward, Friesland. The couple lived there with their three children and took another severely handicapped girl into the house. But the fairytale was short-lived. Their marriage ended and Ineke got into a serious car accident. “It was a rear-end collision and I was in the middle,” she says emotionally. “That was the start of a lot of misery.” Because of this she had to stop working and she no longer has the same income. “Such a shitty accident turns your life upside down”, says Ineke.

Due to the accident, Ineke comes with a physical disability and a stimulus processing disorder. That means that she is ‘written off’ for 46% to work. “My heart is in the care of the disabled,” she says, but that is no longer possible. “I am now in a situation where I fall over financially and I do not know how to solve it myself.” Her son also suffered a cerebral infarction at the age of 24. “That was the moment the light went out,” says Ineke. “I have no more energy, no more ideas.”

The only thing Ineke hopes for is a ‘clean slate’. The team of Postponement of Execution puts things in order. With only 1,100 euros per month, Ineke’s 686-euro mortgage is actually unaffordable. “You have to translate it into 4 euros a day to eat,” explains financial advisor Eef. But then a ‘miracle’ happens. The bank and the National Mortgage Guarantee ensure that Ineke can stay in her house for the next 20 years, has to pay between 175 and 200 euros per month and that her savings are released for the renovation.

It’s the first time in 13 seasons of Postponement of Execution that this has been achieved. The team immediately gets to work and realizes a major renovation. After a short period, Ineke is allowed to see her house again. The whole street is decorated for the occasion, which makes her all the more emotional. “How sweet”, said Ineke when she arrives. “This is too good to be true,” she says after she has been inside. The future smiles on her again. “I’ll be fine”, Ineke says with relief at the end of the episode.

Martijn is busy helping people out. The presenter does that in the show as well Buy without Looking. In the video below he tells everything about the next two (!) Seasons.

Postponement of Execution can be seen every Monday at 8.30 pm on RTL4 and can be watched at Videoland.


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