Power struggle at VW: Porsche and Piech stand behind dies

VW boss Herbert Diess

There was a great silence after the meeting. The meeting of the Supervisory Board on the Wolfsburg site ended in the early evening on Thursday. But none of the powerful committee said anything about the topic of the day: what about Herbert Diess? Was the ailing CEO at the meeting able to dispel doubts about his work or is he likely to be kicked out? Diess himself said nothing.

The first official statement on the Diess personnel was made on Friday at noon by the Porsche and Piëch families. They own the majority of the world’s largest automaker. At the request of, Albrecht Bamler, spokesman for Porsche SE, said: “The owner families are fully behind Mr. Diess.” Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil also spoke. He said to “The country will continue to actively support Mr. Diess in his work. That also applies to me personally. ”The State of Lower Saxony is the second largest shareholder of Volkswagen.

Full backing certainly looks different. The message behind the brief statements should be clear: this may continue, but it must deliver. Otherwise, his time at the top of Volkswagen will soon be over. Now Diess has to solve two problems in particular: the massive production difficulties with the new Golf 8 and the software chaos with the electric model ID.3. These two projects determine the future of VW and thus also that of Diess. unveiled the Gulf drama on Thursday. Internal documents therefore reveal that just under 40 percent of the vehicles roll off the assembly line without errors. The rest of the cars need to be touched up. “An underground value,” says VW engineers. All of this costs the company millions of dollars. And the annoyed customers have to wait for the vehicles. Apparently there are even bigger problems with the ID.3, the new e-vehicle fleet from VW.

The works council in particular had recently criticized Diess for the breakdowns. At the Supervisory Board meeting in Wolfsburg on Thursday, the employee representatives also complained that the Management Board had to finally tackle and solve the problems. As learned, the Supervisory Board is largely in agreement: If Diess does not get the Golf 8 and ID.3 projects under control in the next few months, he will have to vacate his office on the executive floor.

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