PowerOCR: New Powertoy tool copies text from images

Growth for the practical power toys: With the new PowerOCR you can easily copy text from an image to the Windows clipboard and other applications.

Microsoft is developing an entirely new Powertoys program that will allow you to copy and paste text from images to the Windows clipboard and other applications. This tool, named PowerOCR, will be free as usual.

How PowerOCR works

Use PowerOCR to select the text on the image. To do this, either mark a rectangular area on the image with the mouse pointer, click directly on a word on the image or click on the image with the right mouse button and select PowerOCR from the menu that opens. You then copy the text directly to the Windows clipboard or to another application.

If you scroll down a bit on this page, you can see how the tool works.

The developer

The tool, which sounds really practical, is mainly programmed by the Windows app developer Joseph Finney, with the help of other developers and Microsoft employees. The new Powertoys tool is not a completely new development, but is based on Finney’s existing Windows program Text Grab, which is subject to a fee. You can download Text Grab from the Windows Store for $9.99. However, it is only available in English.

Release date is unknown

There is now an entry on Github for the new Powertoys tool PowerOCR. It is not yet known when PowerOCR will be released to all interested users. In addition, it will probably only be able to recognize text in English at first.

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