Pre-order Xbox & PS5: Trick will tell you when there will be more supplies

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On Twitter, Sony announced in the summer that it would announce the date of pre-orders for the Playstation 5, which has been long awaited by fans. Then the Japanese company surprised fans at a live conference in early September and announced not only the price and release date of the PS5, but also that it would be available for pre-order the next day.

Many fans, including the author of this article, relied on the announcement and went to sleep. The next morning the disillusionment: sold out. And not only at Amazon, but also at Media Markt, Saturn, Otto and all other online shops that had the console in their inventory for a short time. Any attempt to update the article pages of the online shops and try to get hold of a console after all came to nothing.

It was similar with Microsoft. They had announced the start date of the pre-orders for the Xbox Series X well in advance and are therefore not exposed to the anger of disappointed fans. But the Xbox was also sold out quickly, and there were technical problems on many sides during the ordering process. There are therefore many disappointed fans in the Microsoft camp as well.

Both Sony and Microsoft have announced, however, that further consoles will be available for pre-order until the launch on November 10 (Xbox) and November 19 (Playstation). Only when – and where? The online shops keep adding smaller stocks, but if you don’t have an overview of all article pages 24 hours a day and every second, other interested parties (and possibly also bots) will beat many console fans.

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You can find out how to use the extension in the picture gallery:

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