Pre-production model of Intel’s Meteor Lake surfaced

Intel is currently preparing for the CPU generation Raptor Lake, in the background they are already working on the successor.

The 13th Intel Core generation Raptor Lake is scheduled to appear in the fall. Manufacturer Intel is currently in the process of finalizing the specifications and manufacturing processes for the new processors, which are due to appear in October. However, the cheaper models without a K suffix are not expected to appear until January 2023. In the background, Intel is already working on the successor Meteor Lake, i.e. the 14th generation of Intel Core CPUs.

Again no more AVX-512

The Japanese website Coelecanth Dream evaluated Linux boot logs and came across a pre-production model of Meteor Lake. Although the CPU is still listed as an engineering sample (ES), several identifiers point to the new Meteor Lake generation. Most of the time, these pre-production models run at a much lower clock, in this case just 1.2 GHz. Apparently, Intel has also disabled AVX-512 for this CPU generation. However, it is still unclear how many cores Meteor Lake will offer. Some insiders count on 16 cores, others assume up to 20 cores.

Team of fast and energy-saving cores

What other advantages Meteor Lake will offer over Raptor Lake is also still unclear. A finer production and an increase in the clock are expected. Intel should also stick to the combination of fast performance and energy-saving efficiency cores. This combination provides benefits in applications that clamp many cores. At the same time, notebooks can be operated longer thanks to the efficiency cores without having to recharge.

Raptor Lake: Benchmarks for Intel’s Core i9-13900

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