Preformers De Wever (N-VA) and Magnette (PS) quit: “Handing over the assignment to liberals and greens”

The preformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS) have ended their formation assignment. The duo will propose to King Philippe to hand over their assignment to the liberals and the greens.

After a short and icy meeting with Open Vld chairman Egbert Lachaert and MR colleague Georges-Louis Bouchez, the two emperors throw in the towel. On Thursday, the liberals and the green family put the formation attempt of the N-VA chairman and PS top man under heavy pressure with a joint statement.

“Liberals and greens have the move”

De Wever and Magnette were looking for a sixth partner to gain a majority, together with sp.a, CD&V and cdH. Preference went to Open Vld, but the party stuck to sister party MR. Discussions were then started with Groen and Ecolo, but both the blue and the green family were tired of walking back and forth from the preformers.

“The liberal and green families refuse to participate in an auction, in which they are played against each other to determine who can join the future government,” it said Thursday. They stressed that time is pressing. “We ask the commissioners to clarify the coalition they prefer and to work on stable and solid solutions.”

Because De Wever and Magnette were not yet prepared to announce their preferred match during the meeting on Friday morning, Lachaert and Bouchez left. The preformers then decided to return their assignment to the king, along with the proposal to send the liberals and the greens into the field.


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