Premier League clubs may receive inspector visits

In the coming period, the twenty clubs in the highest English football division must take into account a visit from inspectors, who will check whether the corona protocol is being properly observed. The umbrella organization of the Premier League will assemble and send the inspection teams, which will mainly be active during training sessions.

With strict supervision, the management of the English professional league wants to prevent clubs from taking advantage of the circumstances and against the rules, for example, to train longer, in larger groups, or with physical contact.

The Premier League clubs unanimously decided on Monday to start training again in small groups, as a stepping stone to a possible resumption of the competition. Numerous conditions are attached to the practice sessions. For example, a training may not last longer than 75 minutes and no more than five players may be active with each other, with no physical contact allowed yet.

The Premier League aims for inspectors to be present at the training sessions of all twenty clubs within the foreseeable future.



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