President Trump considered Parler as an alternative to Twitter

That was shortly before the social network Parler was shut down, says top executive Matze of the conservative and Trump supporters platform.

Parler stopped on Sunday when the web host Amazon took the service offline. According to Amazon, Parler had failed to combat violent and hateful reports.

The social network then filed a lawsuit against Amazon, but a ruling in that case will not be made in the short term, according to the judge. Matze takes into account that the app may never come back online.

Calls for murder

Parler, according to Amazon, allowed reports to “encourage and plan the rape, mistreatment and murder of administrators and civilians named by name.” In court documents, Parler later stated that it had now deleted most of the problematic messages.

Trump suspended from Twitter and Facebook

Trump had to look for an alternative after Twitter, Facebook and YouTube had suspended his accounts after the storming of the Capitol building in Washington last week. Among the attackers were mainly supporters of the outgoing president.

Parler is said to have 12 million users.


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