Price increase: Playstation 5 could become more expensive

The Playstation 5 could become more expensive in the future. The poor sales figures for the games are responsible for this.

Sony’s Playstation 5 has been on the market since November 19, 2020. And at the same time neither. Because to this day you have to search a long time for one of the scarce consoles. The contingents of the dealers are usually sold out in a few minutes. Meanwhile, the price of the console has not changed for almost two years: the standard model without a disc drive is available for 399 euros, while the model with a disc drive costs 499 euros.

Price increase possible

But Sony seems to be thinking about increasing the price of the Playstation 5. Just a few days ago we reported that Sony is dissatisfied with game sales. Compared to the previous year, 26 percent fewer video games would have been sold. The production of the Playstation 5 is also still difficult because important parts are difficult to obtain. However , Sony is still dodging investors ‘ questions about raising the selling price of the Playstation 5 .

Cameras and headsets already more expensive

In other areas, Sony already raised prices in April. Many of the manufacturer’s cameras, as well as headsets and Blu-ray players, have become more expensive in Japan. The reasons given are the effects of the corona crisis and the Ukraine war. Therefore, even with the PS5, it remains unclear whether the target of 18 million delivered consoles in 2022 can be achieved.

fear of competition

However, a price increase would perhaps drive players into the hands of competitor Microsoft with its Xbox. Nevertheless, it must be considered that the prices for new chips could rise by up to 15 percent. Then a price increase for Sony’s Playstation 5 would not be ruled out.

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