Price offensive: Tesla Model S and Model X thousands of euros cheaper, Model 3 only in the USA

Shortly after the forced corona virus production break at its Fremont facility ended, Tesla went on the offensive. Completely surprisingly, the prices for the premium electric cars Model S and Model X were lowered by several thousand euros in several markets worldwide on Wednesday night, in some cases the Model 3 also became cheaper. The blog Electrek first discovered this and could be followed by on the German Tesla website. Only with the new Tesla Model Y there seemed to be no changes.

Tesla Model 3 almost the same in Germany

In Germany, however, the price for the best-selling Tesla model 3 apparently remains little changed for the time being. The cheapest standard range plus (SR +) variant now stands at just under 44,000 euros (minus the state share of the environmental bonus) in the Tesla configurator (400 euros less than before), a large battery and all-wheel drive in Model 3 cost 54,000 euros. Variant almost 60,000 euros.

Tesla Model S and Model X are also becoming much more affordable in this country. For the normal Model S with the only available battery for maximum range, Tesla now only requires 83,000 euros, for the performance version 99,990 euros and probably for the first time a non-six-digit price. The wing door SUV Model X costs 6000 euros more than the sedan, i.e. 89,000 euros for maximum range and 106,000 euros for performance, in the latter case about 2000 euros less than before.

Teslas in the US significantly cheaper

In the USA, however, the price cuts are even more extensive and far-reaching. Even the cheapest Tesla Model 3 got cheaper here, reports Electrek: its price dropped from just under $ 40,000 (always before tax in the US) to just under $ 38,000. According to the report, the Model S was even cheaper by $ 5000 overnight, in the normal all-wheel drive and in the performance variant, and now costs a maximum of $ 95,000 in the USA. The Tesla Model X now starts at $ 80,000; the performance version, like in Germany, is just under the six-figure range of the Model S at $ 99,990.

At first, nothing was known about the background of the Tesla step and whether the price reduction will also be made up for the Model 3 in Europe. Tesla tends to be considered to be aggravated by the current corona virus crisis, especially since various subsidies for electric cars are still under discussion, including a VAT exemption. However, the company regularly adjusts its prices. In China, for example, the locally produced Model 3 has been cheaper several times and Tesla speaks of further potential for cost and price reductions.


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