Priest who sprinkles coronaproof people with water gun becomes meme

A Michigan priest has become a meme after finding a great way to bless people in times of corona. Just like in our country, people in the United States have to do social distancing, so blessing someone with holy water has become difficult. Although this priest has found a hilarious solution for this.

Because of the worldwide corona pandemic, we must all keep our distance. And that is not so easy in some professions. So some must be inventive. Like this priest who found a great way to bless people.

Priest with water gun

During this pandemic, many people get support from their faith. And of course they also want to be blessed with holy whey water. Although that is not so easy to do if you want to comply with the rules related to social distancing. So Michigan priest Tim Pelc had to be inventive. So he thought to himself, “How can you spread water over a distance of over five feet?” That is how he came up with a logical, but also hilarious solution: a water gun.

He first contacted his friend who works as a doctor to ask if it was safe to do so. “He said,” It is not only safe, it is also fun, “and he also came with his children,” said priest Tim Pelc to BuzzFeed. “He also gave me the necessary protection material. It was sunny and a lot of people showed up. We were able to continue an age-old custom and people seemed to like it. ”


The photos were shared on the Facebook page of St. Ambrose Parish Church. And quickly gained attention for logical reasons. Because you don’t see a priest in full robes spraying people with a water gun every day. The images were spread all over social media and even unexpected reactions came. “It had two hits from the Vatican,” the priest said. “That bothered me a bit, but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

For the time being, he can still laugh with the reactions to the photos, so we also laugh happily. On Reddit there is even a real Photoshop battle. These are our favorites:

The priest in The Godfather:

Priest water gun meme
Reddit – Tomdoerr88

But he also turns up The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, renamed for the occasion The Good, The Bad And The Holy Spirit:

Priest water gun meme
Reddit – Tomdoerr88

But he also participates The Exorcist:

Priest The Exorcist
Reddit – random_usernames

Sometimes the Pope must also help:

Priest Pope The Exorcist
Reddit – Bulletz4Dessert

Or how about Star Wars?

Priest water gun star wars
Reddit – V_LochNessLobster_V

But also during the crusades he is there, armed with his water pistol:

Water gun priest meme
Reddit – nyaaaaaan

Or to put out a fire:

Priest water gun fire


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