Prime: Amazon raises prices – so quick decisions can save even more

Amazon is also increasing Prime prices in Germany. The price increase is significant. Plus: Amazon’s price increase in other European countries.

As expected, Amazon is raising prices for Amazon Prime. So far, the annual subscription costs 69 euros. In the future, Amazon will collect EUR 89.90 for annual debits. On the other hand, if you pay the Prime subscription monthly, you will soon have to transfer EUR 8.99 to Amazon instead of EUR 7.99.

This email landed in our inbox last night.


This email landed in our inbox last night.

It pays to be quick

Amazon cites inflation as the reason for this significant price increase: “We are making this change in light of general and significant cost changes due to inflation. These lead to an increase in the cost of Prime Services in your country and are based on factors beyond our control external circumstances”.

The new prices apply to new customers from September 15, 2022. So if you want to benefit from the lower, old prices for at least another year and don’t have a Prime subscription yet, then you should

before September 15, 2022


Try Amazon Prime now for 30 days free of charge

For existing subscriptions, the price increase will take effect on the next renewal date of September 15, 2022.

Student Prime membership will also be more expensive. Instead of the previous 3.99 euros per month, from September 15, 2022 you will pay 4.49 euros per month or for the student annual subscription instead of the previous 34 euros then 44.95 euros, as Golem points out, citing an existing email to an affected Prime user writes .

Amazon emphasizes that this is the first price increase in Germany since 2017. In addition, Amazon has since then expanded the Prime offer, including video streaming.

In the US, Amazon had previously raised the price of Prime. But Prime prices are also increasing in Great Britain, Spain, Italy and France, as Spiegel Online writes.

Here is a comparison of the price increases in European countries and in the USA for annual membership:

  • Great Britain: From 79 pounds to 95 pounds, around 20 percent more

  • France: From 49 euros to 69.90 euros, around 43 percent more

  • Germany: From 69 euros to 89.90 euros, around 30 percent more

  • Italy: From 36 percent to 49.90 euros, around 39 percent more

  • Spain: From 36 percent to 49.90 euros, around 39 percent more

  • USA: From 119 dollars to 139 dollars, around 17 percent more (already in February 2022)

The scope of Prime does not change. As usual, you can test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge.

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