Prime Day 2022: Amazon reveals the date – when there are bargains

Bargain hunters beware: Amazon has revealed when Amazon Prime Day will take place in 2022.

The Amazon Prime Day of

2022 will take place in July

. Amazon announced this as part of its presentation of the results for the first quarter of 2022. July was the traditional month for Prime Day before the Corona crisis. However, Amazon is not yet revealing the exact date in July.

In 2021, on the other hand, Amazon held its Prime Day in June and in 2020 Prime Day even took place in October – after several postponements. The reason for these shifts goes by the names “Covid-19” or “Corona” or “Sars-CoV2”.

Bargain offers for non-Prime members too

As always, you must be a Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. However, since Amazon offers a 30-day free trial membership, you can quickly become a Prime member before Prime Day and then cancel this subscription after Prime Day is over. Unless the numerous benefits of Prime membership convince you.

Try Prime membership for free for 30 days here

The service is free for a full 30 days and must be canceled during this time if you do not want to continue the membership for a fee. So everyone can get all Prime offers for free.

This is how Prime Day came about

The first Amazon Prime Day took place in July 2015. Amazon celebrated the company’s 20th birthday with the online shopping event. Since then, Amazon Prime Day has become more successful every year.

The online shopping event serves Amazon, among other things, to recruit new Prime members, to focus on its own products through promotional campaigns and to generate a sales boost in the middle of the year.

If you want to know what sold best on Prime Day: Bargain tips for Prime Day – these were last year’s bestsellers.

More Prime Day traditions

As always, PC-WELT will report on Prime Day in real time and select the best technology bargains for you.

Just as it is traditional for Amazon to hold a Prime Day every year, it is also traditional for the Ver.di union to strike: Prime Day – Ver.di strikes Amazon shipping centers. Above all, Ver.di demands that Amazon base its employees on the better-paid collective bargaining agreements in retail and mail order. Amazon has always denied this claim. All of Ver.di’s strike calls in recent years have had no discernible effects.

Wholesalers such as Saturn, in turn, are trying to counteract this with simultaneous campaigns: Saturn is launching a counter-offensive on Amazon’s Prime Day.

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