Prime Day: Apple Pencil still at the lowest price today

At Amazon, the Apple Pencils of both generations are available at reduced prices. The pens are nowhere cheaper – and starting tomorrow they will be more expensive again.

The Apple Pencil is a very useful accessory for the iPad. You don’t need it to control the system, but the stylus has become a valuable tool for drawing and even entering text. Since iPadOS 14.5, the iPad has also been able to recognize handwriting (scribble) in German, which works quite well – no comparison to the days of Newton. But the on-board intelligence of the iPad in connection with the Apple Pencil is also ideal for smoothing out drawings. Even writing notes with some music apps is almost as possible as with pencil on paper thanks to the Apple Pencil on the iPad. Both Apple Pencils are available from Amazon at reduced prices on Prime Day, and the discounts are also valid on July 13th. From tomorrow it will probably be more expensive again. The first-generation Apple Pencil is now even available for the lowest price of 85 euros, the second-generation is currently only available from other providers for a few cents less, and at Amazon it has never been cheaper than the currently called 122 euros.

Apple Pencil (1st generation) for 85 euros instead of 91 euros

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) for 122 euros instead of 135 euros

Apple differentiates between two generations of the Apple Pencil: The first generation is compatible with iPads that have a Lightning connector, which the pen also uses to charge. Currently, only the iPad 10.2 is in Apple’s portfolio, but older devices such as the iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 can also use the Apple Pencil. All iPads with a USB-C port and without a home button require the second generation Apple Pencil, i.e. iPad Pro (from autumn 2018), iPad Air (from autumn 2020, fifth generation) and iPad Mini (from autumn 2021, sixth generation). ). The Apple Pencil docks onto these devices magnetically on the long edge and in this position also draws its charge via induction.

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