Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) is thinking of new easing now that infection figures are stagnating

Now that the corona figures in our country are rising less quickly than feared for the time being, the demand for easing is resurfacing. Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) does not rule out the possibility that the next Consultation Committee will relax the corona measures next Friday.

In the run-up to last Friday’s Consultation Committee, a lot of rumors surfaced about possible relaxation. For example, a large outdoor bubble was envisaged, the abolition of the curfew and possibly even a plan for the reopening of the catering industry.

But that morning, the health research institute Sciensano came up with painful numbers. There had been no fewer than 204 new hospital admissions of corona patients that day, the highest number in almost two months. Immediately the government put on the handbrake and the Consultation Committee decided not to decide anything. A time-out of a week had to make it clear whether it was a new wave or a temporary flare-up.

“Agenda from last week”

In the meantime, it has been cautiously good news for several days when it comes to the corona figures. The dreaded exponential rise is not forthcoming. In hospitals, especially in the intensive care unit, it is still rising for Covid patients, but in the field of new infections, a slight downward trend can even be seen again.

In the Flemish Parliament, Jan Jambon confirmed that it was indeed the intention to announce some relaxation last week. Due to the bad grades, nothing came of that at the time. The Prime Minister will leave the door ajar for the next Consultation Committee on Friday 5 March. “Then last week’s agenda comes up again,” says Jambon in De Morgen.

Catering or curfew?

Jambon remains largely on the flat about which relaxations we can hope for then. Still, he seems to prefer the reopening of the catering industry rather than the abolition of the disputed curfew.

“I think the curfew is a drastic measure. But if we go to an opening of the catering industry, it will always be with a certain closing time. Then it might be justifiable to adhere to that curfew, one hour after the closure of the catering industry ”, Jambon concludes.


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