Prime Video will run on 2019/2020 Philips TVs again in 4K / HDR quality

Among other things was affected by the “streaming downgrade”: The OLED935 from Philips

Philips (TP Vision) finally delivers a solution for the reduced streaming quality on its Smart TVs. Amazon Prime Video can now be streamed again in 4K / HDR on 2019/2020 models.

Streaming apps on Philips Smart TVs from 2017-2020 were “downgraded” at the end of 2020. Due to a security problem, it was no longer possible to reproduce the content in the best possible quality – usually 4K resolution with HDR / Dolby Vision. The users were accordingly outraged, some of whom were forced to switch to external streaming players such as the Apple TV 4K or Fire TV Stick 4K. Now the first good news: Selected models from 2019/2020 should be able to stream again in the best UHD / HDR quality recently. The following model series were affected:


  • OLED935
  • PUS9435
  • PUS9235
  • PUS9005
  • PUS8505 (8535/8545/8555)


  • OLED984
  • OLED934
  • OLED854
  • OLED804
  • PUS8804
  • PUS8204
  • PUS7504
  • PUS7304 (7304/7334/7354/7394)

From now on, the HDR display and Amazon statistics can be shown again for series and films. Anyone who owns one of the affected models should check whether the television and the Amazon Prime Video app are up to date. If not, please start the manual update function. After that, Prime Video should be available again in 4K quality with HDR. Have you done all the steps, but you still only get a video stream with HD quality, the following steps may help:

  1. Clear the cache of the Amazon Prime Video app in the Android TV settings
  2. (If 1. does not work) Uninstall Amazon Prime Video app updates in the Google Play Store
  3. Update the Amazon Prime Video app in the Google Play Store again
  4. If necessary, delete the cache again in the Android TV settings.

According to feedback from users concerned, playback in HDR quality has also returned on some TV sets from 2017/2018 with Android TV 8 Oreo. Do you own one of the affected TV sets? If so, write us a comment as to whether and which streaming apps are running again in 4K resolution.


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