Prince Charming advises Bachelor Tony: ‘Keep an open mind’

And we can say that Marvin is a good counselor, given his successful love affair – albeit with a detour – that could be followed on Videoland. “The biggest secret, perhaps cliché”, Marvin begins to say, “is that you have to listen to your feelings.” Marvin himself listened to his first feeling until the end. “I immediately liked the men that remained the most.” At the same time, Marvin believes that you should give everyone a fair chance. “Some people can surprise you, so enter every conversation with everyone with an open mind.”

Marvin also urges Tony to ‘go all out’. “You have so little time to get to know the others, so you really have to get in with two straight legs and not be afraid.”

Something that Marvin wants to warn about is the possible different behavior of people when the cameras are there and not. “If people are different when the cameras are gone, you know they are putting on a show.” Marvin recognized that from his participation in Prince Charming. “There were certainly some guys who were different as soon as the cameras were gone.”

And what is absolutely not recommended? “You immediately become obsessed with one person,” says Marvin. “That is not fair to the rest, but also not to yourself. You have the chance to get to know a lot of people.”

Just before Tony went abroad, he got advice from that other person who also went through the same process: Gaby Blaaser. She was the coveted single lady in The Bachelorette. In the video below you can see advice she gives to Tony.


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