Prince Harry makes special revelations about his private life

Harry and Meghan met in 2016 during a blind date. A mutual friend had linked the two together. The royal now tells that he already knew during the second date that Meghan is the one for him. “It wasn’t because of where we went on the date, but how we interacted with each other. We felt very comfortable with each other.”

According to Harry, dating as a royal is quite difficult. While you might normally have a drink in a cafe first, members of the British royal family are not. Their first dates mainly took place at home. It wasn’t until they really were a couple that they could do things outside, like going out for dinner or watching a movie in the cinema. “Everything happened backwards for us. We therefore spent a lot of time together.” As a result, the couple only had an eye for each other for the first two months. “That was fantastic.”

Pet names

In the video we also find out how Meghan is in Harry’s phone: with the letter M. James Corden went FaceTiming with the duchess. In turn, she reveals what she calls Harry: Hazz.


Harry and Meghan are now the proud parents of son Archie and baby number two is on the way. He describes family life like this: “We drink tea with Archie, bathe him and put him to bed. Then we cook something, or we order something. Then we go upstairs and go to bed and watch some TV. Maybe. Jeopardy! or something on Netflix. “

According to Harry, his son is ‘hysterical’. “He has a very special personality. He can already make small sentences and sing songs.” His first word was also special: crocodile.

The Queen

Harry may now live with his family in LA, but he still has good contact with his grandfather and grandmother. He often has Zoom meetings with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. “We zoomed a few times and they saw Archie running around.”

The Queen’s grandson also reveals what his grandmother Archie gave for Christmas. “Meghan said a waffle iron, so she sent us a waffle iron for Archie. Meghan now makes organic waffles for breakfast every morning.” The little one loves it. “When Archie wakes up, the first thing he says is, ‘Waffle!'”

The Crown

As Harry said, he and Meghan often watch Netflix before bed. James Corden asks what Harry likes The Crown finds. “They don’t pretend it’s news. It’s fiction,” he says firmly. “But it’s loosely based on real life. Of course it’s not entirely accurate.” According to Harry, it gives viewers a little idea of ​​what it means to always put the duties of the British Royal Family first. “I am happier with The Crown than with the stories I read about my family, my wife or myself in the media. “

Harry has also thought about who should play him: Homelandactor Damian Lewis.


Of course the elephant in the room was also discussed: Megxit. Harry wanted to protect his wife and child from the media attention. He himself was also bothered by the British paparazzi and calls the situation ‘toxic’. “It was more of a step back than a departure. It was a very dire situation, as many people have seen. We all know what the British press can be like and it was disastrous for my mental health.”

The prince no longer coped with the situation. “So I did what any husband and father would do, I took my family away. I will always continue to contribute. My life is a public service theme, so wherever I am in the world it stays the same. “

A lot has changed in the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since Megxit. They moved to Los Angeles and stepped back as senior members of the British royal family. This month their decision was made final and it also became clear that they will lose their honorary titles. As a result, Harry also loses his military honorary titles. Still, Megxit now offers Harry and Meghan the opportunity to make their own plans and to get more publicity. A major interview with Oprah Winfrey will be broadcast in March and today the video of Harry guest with James Corden was released.


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