Prince William and Kate take British magazine to court

Then Tatler with the article Catherine the Great Kensington Palace was instantly upset. William and Kate’s office even made a statement about it. “The story contains a series of inaccuracies and misrepresentations, which were not presented to us before publication,” it said. But the magazine does not want to give in and remains behind the story.

Tatler will soon print the article in their summer issue, but will be according to The Mail on Sunday requested not to. The editor-in-chief of the magazine said earlier that he would support and that Kensington Palace itself did not want to participate in the play. In the article, Kate is described as lazy and angry at the departure of Meghan and Harry. The couple refuted allegations and asked the British media not to spread it. It remains to be seen how it will play out.

Kate is also invariably called Kate, when she should be addressed differently since she was married to Prince William. In the video below, royalty expert Marc van der Linden explains how that works.


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