Princess Amalia has found her doppelganger on TikTok

Princess Amalia has found her doppelgänger in TikTok user Anne-Roos Schilder. She posted a number of funny videos on the social media platform, after which she was flooded with reports that she is so incredibly similar to the Dutch crown princess. “I put an ordinary TikTok and then the whole of the Netherlands who says in my comments that I look like princess Amalia”, she says in a new video.

Her video has since been viewed very often on TikTok. But it’s not the first time Anne-Roos has been mistaken for Amalia, as seen below.

Whether Amalia and her sister Alexia and Ariane are also on TikTok themselves is of course unknown. Recently, fans of the Dutch royal family got a unique look into their private lives. King’s Day looked very different this year, so viewers could see a bit of how the family lives. You can see it below.


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