Prinsjesdag 2020: watch and read everything back

Watch various fragments below. Prefer to read? Of course you can. You can find all the pieces at the bottom of this article.

Are we coming out of the recession soon?

How is our economy doing? Will we quickly come out of the recession and what will be the influence of the corona virus next year? We will discuss this with professor of economics Coen Teulings and Hans Stegeman from Triodos. We also talk to Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the cabinet’s plans.

What will change for employees and entrepreneurs?

What will change for employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed people? You will hear it from professor of economics Coen Teulings, Nora Neuteboom from ABN Amro and Marieke Kopinsky from accountancy firm EY. We also spoke to Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra.

Purchasing power and your wallet

This year, too, the cabinet predicted that almost everyone will benefit next year. But is that realistic? We put that question to Arjan Vliegenthart of Nibud, Nora Neuteboom of ABN Amro and Peter Hein van Mulligen of CBS. Also speaking: Minister Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment.

Will I soon be able to buy a house more easily?

What do the government’s plans mean for the housing market and healthcare? We discuss this with Arjan Vliegenthart from Nibud and Hans Stegeman from Triodos. We also spoke to Kajsa Ollongren, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations who is responsible for the housing market.


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