Prinsjesdag: these are the most important plans for 2022

Partly due to the corona virus, Prinsjesdag was sober this year, just like last year. Moreover, there was little good news for our wallets. There are billions for the climate and housing, so leaked already. There is also money for tackling crime.

Basic budget

Many policies have already been established. The budget is primarily a basic budget, because a caretaker cabinet is not allowed to make major new plans. “You can therefore fill in most of the figures presented today in pencil,” says political reporter Frits Wester.

A lot can change with a new government. Much therefore remains uncertain, such as the precise approach to the problems on the job market.

Purchasing power

The good news: the Dutch economy grows out of the corona crisis faster than expected and unemployment is low. But we feel that, despite a so-called purchasing power repair from the cabinet of about 200 million, barely in the wallet.

Because wages will only rise moderately and inflation will rise, an average household will increase by 0.1 percent next year, the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) has calculated.

The National Institute for Budget Information therefore calls 2022 ‘a gloomy year’ for people who already have a hard time making ends meet. The institute also calculated approximately what you have left in your wallet.

Housing crisis

The caretaker cabinet will allocate an extra 100 million a year over the next ten years to combat the housing crisis. This amount will mainly be used to accelerate construction projects that are difficult to finance.

Climate: heat pumps and windmills

Nearly 7 billion euros has also been made available in the budget for greening the Dutch economy. That money is spent on, among other things, making homes and industry more sustainable.

Care: expensive, more expensive, most expensive

Next year, the government expects to spend as much as 100 billion euros on healthcare. To compensate for the ever-rising costs in healthcare, the healthcare premium will have to be increased. The premium for the basic insurance will be more than three tens higher on an annual basis next year. The deductible remains the same.

Taxes: work from home allowance

It also applies to the tax plans that, at least for the time being, there are no major amendments to be on the program. Among other things, there will be a tax-free work-from-home allowance.

Employers will soon be able to give their employees a small compensation without having to pay tax on this. The plan is to leave a maximum reimbursement of 2 euros per day tax-free.

More money for bridges and roads

There will be in 2022 3.6 billion euros to the maintenance and renovation of roads, bridges, railways and waterways. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is investing 2.1 billion euros of this. Railway manager ProRail is investing 1.5 billion euros.

A lot of maintenance is needed, says the ministry. This is because the roads are used more intensively by heavier traffic.

How do the Prinsjesdag plans work out for you?

Curious about what Prinsjesdag means for your wallet? Enter your details in the tool below and calculate it.

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