Problems with expired PS3 and PS Vita games

Playstation owners can no longer play several PS3 and PS Vita titles due to expired licenses.

Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita owners have been experiencing issues with several games purchased digitally from the Playstation Store since the weekend. With titles such as “Chrono Cross”, “Chrono Trigger” and “Final Fantasy VI” suddenly an exceeded expiry date appeared for some users, which means that the mentioned titles can no longer be started.

Many games affected by expiration date

Like Twitter user Christopher Foose

, shows the expiry date for his version of “Chrono Cross” as December 31, 1969. The date only appeared after the title was downloaded again. Afterwards, “Chrono Cross” was neither playable on the PS Vita nor on the Playstation 3. Other users report that games such as Rune Factory Oceans, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and Gex: Enter the Gecko also fail to launch. For some console owners, even the entire digital library is affected.

No workaround known yet

The affected players have already tried a few things to make the titles work again. But neither resetting the consoles to factory settings nor canceling and resubscribing to Playstation Plus have led to success. Sony has not yet commented on the error.

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