Problems with Tesla models: Norwegians went on hunger strike

Temporarily giving up food for a better Tesla? At least that’s what some Norwegians who went on a hunger strike for 24 hours (August 27-28, 2022) are hoping for. So they wanted to reach Tesla boss Elon Musk and draw his attention to the numerous problems they have with their Tesla models.

The group, consisting of 17 members, has set up its own website called “teslahungerstrike” on which the action is briefly explained. In addition, all the problems that the Norwegians were able to identify are listed there – there are 29 in number.

A trunk full of rainwater and broken displays

For example, the trunk should fill with rainwater, the cars won’t start when it’s very cold or very warm, and the doors won’t open. There are probably also problems with charging, the battery life is also shorter than stated by Tesla, and there are yellow edges and corners on the display. Not all problems can be solved in the workshop – so Musk should now do it himself.

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In any case, the Scandinavians write that they think Elon Musk would solve the problems as soon as he found out about them. And the founder and CEO should be particularly interested in satisfied Tesla owners in Norway, because the Scandinavian country has the most Teslas per capita in the world!

By the way, shortly after the hunger strike became known, Musk tweeted: “On advice of a good friend, I’ve been fasting periodically & feel healthier” (“On the advice of a good friend, I fast regularly and feel healthier”). However, it is not known whether he was referring directly to the strike with the tweet.

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