Producer Tiger King: ‘Knew Joe Exotic was a bad person’

“I immediately knew it was not a good person,” said Rick, who even fled abroad after a fight with Joe to make sure nothing happened to him. Soon during the filming of Tiger King Rick figured out what kind of man Joe was. “I liked him at first. He was fun to deal with,” said Rick in an exclusive interview with Dplay. But that feeling soon changed.

Despite feeling uncomfortable next to Joe, Rick stayed in the big cat zoo for almost a year. He knew only too well that the images he had made were priceless. Eventually, he got into an argument with Joe and his studio caught fire. All the filmed material went up in flames. When he also found a fire in his new home, Rick decided to flee. He moved to Norway, where he now lives with his Norwegian wife.

In this latest interview that Rick gives about the docuseries, he is more candid than ever about his experiences with Joe Exotic, with nothing going unnoticed. The documentary Surviving Joe Exotic can be seen from 5 June on Dplay.


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