production in China for the next plug-in hybrid C5

After the C4, it will be the turn of the C5 to have offspring, with an elevated hybrid sedan made in China.

The time has come to renew the range at Citroën. After the C4, also available in a 100% electric version thanks to its e-CMP platform, it will be the turn of the C5 to present itself in a new light. But while the first information is not confirmed, the Chevron brand indicates that it will be made in China.

The next Citroën C5 will therefore come out exclusively from the brand’s production lines located in Chengdu, in the Middle Kingdom, as Challenges reveals. It will then follow the strategy adopted by the recent DS 9, which results from a commercial and financial logic: faced with sales forecasts too low to maintain production on both sides of the globe, Citroën has chosen a production where the sedan could be most successful.

Engines from the Peugeot organ bank

To avoid suffering a new commercial failure as with the Citroën C6, the French manufacturer has however revised its copy for the next C5, flagship of the brand. It will thus adopt a positioning straddling two segments, with a road sedan size but with a raised body height. A recipe already known with the new Citroën C4 and confirmed by the first images of the prototypes under development.

It will not, however, offer a 100% electric motor like the compact. Its EMP2 platform (shared with the DS 9 and Peugeot 508) will only allow it to embed rechargeable hybrid mechanics. The entry level would be represented by the 225 hp version, while an all-wheel drive version of 300 hp could be on the program. On the other hand, the 360 ​​hp version of the DS 9 or the Peugeot 508 PSE is very uncertain under the hood of the C5.


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