Production of refreshed top Teslas confirmed – demand is high, according to CEO Musk

Due to a lack of unspecified parts, according to an email from CEO Elon Musk quoted by many media outlets, Tesla shut down or at least reduced production at its Fremont plant this week. First there should be a two-week break until March 7th for one of the lines for the Model 3, but According to Twitter observers, Tesla has cut this by a week. In the next few days, the production of Model 3 and Model Y will reach full volume again, Musk was quoted further – and the changeover for the refresh of Model S and Model X is now almost complete.

Three new Tesla in a row

Local Tesla observers, who actually saw little activity in the Fremont factory parking lot earlier this week, later reported more new vehicles and trucks to be picked up. Late Wednesday @klwtts photographed an electric car there with transport sticker that he identified as the new Model S. Like individual examples that were previously seen as test vehicles on public roads, this one also has a normal round steering wheel instead of the yoke rectangle shown by Tesla at the end of January for a refresh.

On Thursday, @klwtts also made the first photos of the refreshed Model X public, which did not come from Tesla itself (and possibly from the computer). On one of them there are three dark Teslas in a row, a Model S and in front of it probably two Model X. Because of the perspective and the rather blurred images, hardly any details can be seen on it. Curiosity aroused in the Model X, however, that the spoiler on the rear appeared changed. In the performance version of the double-door SUV, this aerodynamic support could be retracted and extended earlier – perhaps Tesla will bring this extra back with the new plaid drive.


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The fact that there are now fresh Model S and Model X on the factory premises in Fremont should confirm that production of the Refresh has started – the previous models have not been produced there since the end of December 2020. When presented at the end of January, CEO Musk had announced the first deliveries of the revised Model S for February, which will probably no longer work; the Model X was due to come a few weeks later.

Model S and X again in 2 layers

In his email this Thursday, Tesla CEO Musk wrote, according to the reports, that the line switch for Model S and Model X is now almost complete. The goal is to achieve the maximum production volume in the next quarter. Demand is high, which is why Tesla will soon be producing its two premium electric cars again in two shifts. Tesla recently stated the capacity for them in Fremont at 100,000 units per year, around 57,000 Model S and Model X were sold in 2020.


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