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Products against itching – this way you protect your skin and provide relief

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Anti-itch products: what’s behind itchy skin?

Itching also has a special name in medicine: pruritus. However, there can be many reasons why the skin or mucous membrane itches. Sometimes it is simply due to a lack of moisture, sometimes an allergy, an insect bite or a skin disease. If you do not know the cause of the itching and the symptoms do not improve on their own, you should see a doctor to have the problem clarified. Because sometimes there can also be other health problems behind it.

Basically, there are a few products for itching that can help you quickly.

Itching of dry skin

Acute Lotion by Sebamed – 11.69 euros at Sanicare *

If you tend to have dry, rough skin in general, you may be able to combat the occasional itching with a rich skin care product *. Products with a high urea content are particularly effective as they provide the skin with lasting moisture. So always apply cream after showering to avoid dry skin.

Stabilization of the protective skin barrier

Bepanthen from Bayer – 7.46 euros at Amazon *

Skin problems such as neurodermatitis can be very itchy and constant scratching can make the skin even more vulnerable. A moisturizing cream * provides quick relief in the affected areas.

Relief from itchy insect bites

Electronic stitch healer from Bite Away – 21.52 euros on Amazon *

Insect bites can also cause uncomfortable itching – for this it makes sense to have an electronic stitch healer * on hand. You can use it to treat the affected area for a few seconds at 51 ° C. This will prevent itching and swelling.

Help with allergic reactions

Cetirizine from Hexal – 30.22 euros at Sanicare *

Antihistamines * are always used when the itching is allergy-related. The itching can be accompanied by wheals and be a sign of hives. Unfortunately, the tablets also have side effects – allergy sufferers know that the medication can also make you a little tired.

Itching products don’t always help – sometimes the liver is the problem

So-called cholestatic itching occurs in diseases of the liver and gall bladder. So, sometimes the itchy skin can be a sign that jaundice is developing. In many cases, however, there are more harmless causes behind it – just listen to your body and describe longer-lasting problems, best to a doctor, to be completely sure.

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