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Products against razor pimples: the best tips against skin irritation

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Products against razor pimples: It all depends on the right shave and skin care

If you shave regularly, you are guaranteed to know them: Shaving bumps are a sign that your skin is irritated. In addition to the small bumps, itching and burning can also occur. To rule this out in the future, we recommend some products against razor pimples that can improve the appearance of your skin.

Shaving gel makes the blade slide better

6-pack shaving gel from Gillette – 13.98 euros at Amazon *

If the blade moves over the skin and it comes to a standstill due to insufficient lubricity, skin irritation and shaving pimples can occur. So always use shaving gel * or shaving foam *.

Uses aftershave

Aftershave balm from Pjur med – 5.57 euros at Amazon *

With an aftershave balm * without alcohol and fragrances you are well advised if you get razor pimples frequently. Because alcohol can dry out the skin, which can lead to further skin irritations. Especially sensitive skin areas such as the genital area should be cared for without alcohol-based products.

Regularly change the blades

16 replacement blades from Gillette – € 27.49 at Amazon *

With a blunt blade, razor pricks are inevitable – so change the blades * of your razor regularly so that you don’t damage the skin when using it.

Use an exfoliating brush

Peeling brush from Bestidy – 8.99 euros at Amazon *

Armpit, genital area, legs or face – with the peeling brush from Bestidy * you can gently prepare the skin for the shave and simply massage away any flaky skin that can lead to irritation.

Products against razor pimples – especially important when shaving your intimate area

Especially in the genital area, where the skin is particularly sensitive, pimples can quickly develop. If you notice a skin irritation, you can cool the area a little. Also, do without shaving until the region has completely recovered. Otherwise, in the worst case, it can lead to painful inflammation.

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