Promising signals from the Israeli vaccination campaign: Pfizer syringe would prevent spread

Early research results from the Israeli vaccination campaign indicate that Pfizer’s vaccine prevents the vast majority of vaccinees from becoming infected. That is the first real indication that a high vaccination coverage will slow down the transmission of the coronavirus.

Israel has already delivered at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine to nearly 50 percent of its population, with a blazing-fast vaccination campaign beginning December 20. Now it appears that the vaccine is 89.4 percent effective in preventing infection with the virus Sars-CoV-2, according to a draft publication posted to Twitter. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, this is a large-scale study that was carried out in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Reopen economy

If the study is confirmed by colleagues, it would mean that the vaccine largely prevents the spread of the coronavirus. This weekend, the Israeli Health Ministry announced that the Pfizer syringe was 99 percent effective in preventing deaths from the virus.

According to experts consulted by Bloomberg news agency, there is great potential to achieve hepatic immunity with vaccines if these results are independently confirmed.

Due to the high vaccination coverage, and the various encouraging results that have emerged, Israel started reopening parts of its economy on Sunday. Shops opened their doors to everyone. Leisure activities such as fitness centers and theaters were only accessible to vaccinees. They could prove this with a so-called ‘green pass’ on an official app of the Ministry of Health. In cities where the number of infections was under control, schools also partially opened to physical classes after closing for almost two months.


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