Protection for lease and subscription cars

The unalloyed joy of a new car is often short-lived. Because everyday life is hectic and the actual operating conditions are too unpredictable. At the latest when children, garden tools or pets have to be on board, scratches and dents are a matter of time. But it doesn’t have to come to that! For our Tesla Model 3, we have put together products that hardly affect the original look but effectively prevent damage. Background: The Stromer is a popular subscription and leasing vehicle. And if you load too carelessly in everyday life, you usually end up paying the bill for so much laissez-faire at the end of the day.

Tip 1: Stone chip protection

Protective films are known from other manufacturers ex works, but Tesla has apparently put the brakes on costs with the series scope: the stone chip protection was not glued to our test car from like2drive. An easy problem to solve, after all there are ready-made slides in the accessories.
Protection for the car

Transparent protective film set from rss cars for side skirts and bumpers.

The sticker set should only be attached to the meticulously pre-cleaned paintwork. Align the moistened foils precisely and apply them to the paintwork that has also been moistened. The fixation works with the enclosed squeegee. Work from the inside out with even pressure! Price: 69 euros.

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Tip 2: Entry and loading sill foils

The entry protection film is applied to the thoroughly cleaned paintwork in the door cutouts using wet bonding. The Tesla trim is not covered. With an enclosed squeegee, water and air inclusions can be removed. Time required: about 40 minutes. Price: 29.99 euros.

Protection for the car

Luxshield bumper protection film for Tesla Model 3. Patience and cleanliness are the be-all and end-all during installation.

There are also protective films for the loading sill of the trunk. Like the entry protection, the loading sill film is also applied to the thoroughly cleaned paintwork using a wet bonding process. Water and air inclusions can be removed with the included squeegee. Time required: about 15 minutes. Price: 34.99 euros.

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Tip 3: Plastic tub for the trunk and more robust floor mats

The waterproof trunk tub made of flexible PE plastic can be used in a few simple steps in the empty, ideally freshly vacuumed trunk. Our model is from Azuga. The good fit prevents dirt on the trunk carpet quite effectively, but does not protect the side panels. The surface is more slippery than the original floor! Price: 38.90 euros.

Protection for the car

This protects the trunk: the Azuga tub is waterproof and non-slip.

There are waterproof and non-slip floor mats tailored precisely to the Tesla Model 3. The original fabric mats are slightly smaller, have no raised edge and wear out over time. The non-slip retrofit mats with their raised edges protect the car optimally from moisture and mud. For the rear there is a continuous mat that covers the entire footwell. Price: 149.99 euros.

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Tip 4: Cup holder insert and insert for the compartment in the center console

Subsequent optimization is also worthwhile in the interior. For example with an organizer for the storage compartment in the center console – and a spill protection for the cup holder. These features help exactly where trouble otherwise threatens all too often in everyday life. The cup holder silicone insert fits into the factory cup holder and is washable with water. Insertion succeeds in no time at all. The cup holder recesses are still large enough for common soft drink cans and most coffee mugs up to 0.5 liters in volume. The tendency to rattle is greatly reduced. There is a small open coin compartment between the cup holders. Price: 15.99 euros.

The insert for the center console compartment is designed as a sliding drawer and can be used with just one movement. The usable storage space in the center console is thus significantly optimised. The storage volume of the additional compartment is 0.4 liters, the inner surfaces are flocked. Ideal for keeping things tidy and absolutely rattle-free. Price: 19.99 euros.

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Tip 5: Screen protection

The protective film can be precisely aligned and pressed on the cleaned screen using the enclosed frame. After assembly, the transport protection film can be removed. Time required: five minutes. Price: 33.99 euros.

Protection for the car

Scratches on the display do not have to be. Protective films can be applied quickly using the tools provided.

We are adding a mobile rubbish bin to dispose of travel rubbish.

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Even if the investments in our example add up to around 400 euros, the protection program pays off. Hardly any or no damage makes it easier to return the vehicle at the end of the subscription or lease and protects against expensive additional claims.

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