PS Days Hannover 2022: The JDM highlights of the new tuning fair!

After years of delay, PS Days 2022 will open its doors for the first time. The wait was worth it: The tuning fair is celebrating a great debut with a varied mix of brands and tuning styles. In addition to the usual “suspects” VW Golf and BMW 3 Series E36, numerous Japanese sweethearts were also represented. We have picked out our ten JDM highlights for you! And before anyone complains: The highlights from VW can be seen here and those from BMW, Opel and Mercedes will follow!

From the rough racer to the high-gloss Honda

As always, a must-have for any JDM fan is the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra. The eternal rivals were represented twice at the fair and all made it into our gallery: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, R34, Toyota Supra MK3 and MK4. All with a lot of power, but all tuned in different styles. The Supra MK3, which shows its purpose on the racetrack with numerous scratches and injuries as well as lightweight construction and sporty accessories, stands out in particular.

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JDM Highlights PS Days 2022

Rarely encountered guests at tuning fairs are the Mazda 6 MPS and Mitsubishi Galant station wagon, which shine with loving attention to detail. Shining is also the keyword of a Honda CRX ED9. In addition to lightweight construction and high-performance upgrades, the small Japanese convinces with a shiny roll bar and blue accessory screws and all sorts of Mugen parts in the engine compartment. All impressions of these and other JDM highlights of the PS Days 2022 are shown in the picture gallery.

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