PS5 finally supports 1440p resolution in beta

Sony has finally unlocked 1440p resolution in a new beta firmware for the Playstation 5.

If you operate your Playstation 5 on the TV, it’s easy: either the TV already supports 4K resolutions or you continue to play in Full HD resolution. Both are supported by the Sony console. If, on the other hand, a PC monitor is to be used as a display device, only the same resolutions as on televisions have been available so far. Owners of a 1440p monitor therefore had to settle for Full HD.

Currently only possible in a beta

In a current beta firmware for the Playstation 5, Sony has finally added support for monitors with a 1440p resolution. Those who take part in the beta program can download the beta firmware for free, everyone else will have to wait a little longer until Sony rolls out the firmware for all players.

Supersampling as an alternative

However, there are some limitations when it comes to supporting 1440p monitors: it’s up to the game to decide whether that resolution is natively supported. Only then can players take advantage of the performance that results from the significantly lower resolution compared to 4K. Supersampling can optionally be activated for games that do not yet support 1440p. This results in games being rendered in 4K and then outputting in 1440p. Also, with 1440p resolution enabled, the PS5 does not support variable refresh rates. If the monitor supports this feature, Full HD or 4K resolution must be selected on the console. VRR ensures that the refresh rate of the monitor or TV is adjusted to the frame rate delivered by the console. As a result, frame rates below 60 fps are still very smooth.

PS5: VRR can double the frame rate in some games

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