PS5 & Xbox Series X: Media Markt and Saturn cancel pre-orders

The stationary trade will probably go away empty-handed for the time being when it comes to the sale of PS5 consoles.

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Every six to seven years the anticipation of gamers is great, because then Sony and Microsoft bring out a new version of their Playstation and Xbox consoles. Weeks and months in advance, preparations are made for the release date, vacation days are submitted and partners are consoled that they will then no longer be number one in the lives of players for a certain period of time.

In order to keep the fans happy in their anticipation of the rare spectacle, Sony and Microsoft announced that they will prepare buyers for the upcoming pre-orders for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in good time.

While Microsoft kept the promise and published the information weeks before, Playstation fans complain about poor communication from Sony’s. Because although they vowed to warn potential PS5 buyers in advance, it was actually said at a Playstation event that you could secure a copy from the following day. The fact that this meant midnight rather than the next morning deprived many gamers of the opportunity to secure a console in advance: By the time most players woke up in the morning, the contingents were already exhausted.

While the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S pre-orderers have felt safe since then, countless other players are hoping that online shops such as Amazon, Gamestop, Media Markt and Otto will still deliver pre-order contingents. Others have already given up hope and are preparing for long lines in front of electronics retailers to get hold of a console just in time for the day of publication.

Now more and more reports are appearing that both thwart the few pre-orderers and diminish the hope of those who were hoping to buy locally.

Canceled pre-orders at Saturn & Co. – the all-clear at Gamestop

Because as the gaming portal “Gameswirtschaft” reports, a number of readers report every day who were probably too early about their successful pre-orders. Some complain about the e-mails they have received from Conrad, Media Markt and other retailers informing them about the cancellations, others wonder why they suddenly have 500 euros more in their account – because some online retailers simply transfer the money back without paying explain the cancellation.

The problems behind it: On the one hand, the enormous onslaught of the online shops overloaded the server, on the other hand, some retailers reportedly offered more pre-order contingents than they actually received from Sony and Microsoft. This is said to have been the case with Otto, as “GamesWirtschaft” reports.

In an email that has received, the retailer Saturn apologizes for the inconvenience. The retailer gives the high demand and technical disruptions as the reason for the problems with the order. The manufacturer Sony provided a limited amount of pre-order. Only one PS5 variant per order is allowed. Payments will be refunded, the letter says.

This means that all multiple orders for the Playstation 5 are affected. Anyone who could get hold of more than one console for family and friends will be disappointed by the dealers. In most cases, the multiple orders are canceled and reduced to one console per order. However, there have also been isolated reports from customers for whom the entire order was canceled.

Martin Frommhold from Otto also admits problems with pre-orders and cancellations to “The rush was indeed enormous and even clearly exceeded our own, very high expectations. We had decidedly set ourselves up for a high level of popularity, but this turned out to be such that both the website and the telephone network in customer service were temporarily overloaded. “

The online shop Alternate also spoke to and admitted that “there is always a slight delay when comparing the shop system and the merchandise management system”. “Due to the very high demand, this short period of time was sufficient to accept a little more orders” than would have been available. However, this was “a small amount of orders,” as a company spokeswoman said. Furthermore, only orders for the digital version of the PS5 were affected.

Friedrich Sobol, board member at Electronic Partner and managing director at Medimax, told that his company’s online shop had also seen an enormous rush, but had coped well with the orders. At Medimax there were only cancellations “if customers did not adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications, for example if one person ordered more than one PS5.”

Amazon, Expert, Müller, Conrad, and Euronics had no answer to’s questions at the time of this writing.

Gamestop, on the other hand, gave the all-clear: “All customers who have pre-ordered a console from GamestopZing will get it at the promised time.” However, customers should not hope for stationary retail.

No Playstation and Xbox consoles in the store

As reported by the “Ingame” portal, global retailers have received unequivocal instructions from Sony not to include the contingents in local sales, but to bring them online to the players. Going to Media Markt and Co. on the day of publication and simply buying a console there will probably not work.

“Like all other retailers, as of today, we will only have the pre-ordered consoles in the stores. We are currently trying to get more contingents that we can offer our customers on release day, ”said a Gamestop spokesman to

Friedrich Sobol from Medimax admitted: “We cannot answer as of today whether there will be more contingents for pre-ordering and whether the goods can be sold in brick-and-mortar stores”, but also said that Medimax was “permanently in talks” with industrial partners .

Since the online shops of all of the electronics retailers mentioned above repeatedly offer smaller contingents for sale – also consisting of cancellations by the buyer – it is worth checking the shops. To avoid having to do this manually every five minutes, there is a trick:


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