Public service career: Salary from € 4,500 and many vacancies

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The experiences during the ongoing Corona crisis have a great influence on the first position that school or university graduates look for after their graduation. Job security, work-life balance, a good salary and fair opportunities for advancement – that is what many young people are currently looking for who are starting their jobs.

The student study by Ernst & Young, published in December 2020, reveals major differences between men and women in their first dream employers. Last year, the management consultancy asked more than 2,000 students where they would like to work after graduation. The federal government plays an important role as an employer – but primarily for women.

37 percent of women said they would prefer a civil service, a job in culture or science. In contrast, only 16 percent of men want to start at an authority such as one of the ministries, administration, the courts, the police or the universities. The majority of men, namely 69 percent, are drawn to a large medium-sized company or group when they start their careers.

This is mainly due to the fact that job security is the top priority for students in the first Corona year, according to the findings of the study. 67 percent of those surveyed state that job security is the most important criterion for them when starting a career. In 2018, in the earlier edition of the study, it was 57 percent. In second place is the salary: 55 percent consider this to be particularly important (in 2018 it was only 44 percent). In third place is the balance between career and family.

Basic salary starts at around 4,500 euros in salary class A13

Starting a job with the authorities is also attractive because there are several options. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which four weeks ago completely renewed its web presence and positions itself as an attractive employer brand, advertises especially for STEM workers, for example math, IT, physics or business informatics.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject can start directly with salary class A13. The basic salary depends on the federal state, but starts around 4,500 euros. In the first year of their career, the beginners then acquire their special knowledge for the intelligence service. The prerequisite is a Bachelor’s grade of at least 3.0 and the conviction that you are correct with the protection of the Constitution. Since this operates in secret, applicants must be discreet.

Lawyers in particular prefer a position with the state. When asked about the industries that are attractive for their career plans, every second respondent in the EY study stated the public sector. The time in which large law firms could choose the best applicants like raisins from the cake is probably coming to an end. Twelve-hour days are absent from Generation Z vocabulary. You have a work-life balance in mind that law firms or some corporations still cannot offer.

In addition, the federal government is currently looking for and specifically recruiting a large number of employees. The baby boomers will retire in the next few years. It will be difficult to fill all positions in the administration, in schools, hospitals, daycare centers, tax offices, citizens’ offices, courts, police stations or state chancelleries well. Because there is already a lack of qualified staff.

There are currently more than 8,000 vacancies in the civil service

The portal, which reports all vacancies in the civil service, currently has more than 8,000 vacancies to fill. We are looking for young professionals, high school graduates, experienced workers as well as trainees and students. The search portal offers the option of localizing the search and only looking for jobs in your own city. Because many graduates want to stay close to where they live. This is also a trend that continues to grow. Not least because of the high rental prices in the big cities, the hometown offers many graduates good housing opportunities through existing contacts.

The salary is also correct with the employer state. Of course, top salaries are not paid here as in the corporate management levels. In return, however, the earnings are reliable and the employees cannot be dismissed. There are salary calculators online that everyone can use to calculate how much he or she is getting for a job. At the salary level in grades E13 E14, for example, professionally qualified employees earn between around 4,400 and 6,200 euros per month, depending on the stage of development of their career. The jobs include, for example, lecturers at universities, child and youth psychotherapists in the State of Berlin, geospatial specialists at the Autobahn GmbH des Bundes or pharmacists at the Charité.

In addition to the salary, there are allowances, such as a child allowance. In addition to conventional child benefit, there is an on-top price of 140 euros per child in the public sector. Weekend work is paid additionally, as is work that is carried out at risk – the risk allowance applies here. In this way, the basic salary is attractively upgraded and meets the young people’s desire for good pay.

The longer the pandemic lasts, the more attractive the federal government will become as an employer. Because after the election in September, many companies will go bankrupt and have to lay off thousands of employees. Reason enough to find out about the public service beforehand – and take advantage of career entry opportunities there.


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