PvdA reports: cyber attacks on website for 2 weeks

As a result of the attacks, Dutch people abroad can no longer visit the website. A spokeswoman for the party confirms this after reporting in De Telegraaf.

The PvdA thinks that Turkish hackers are behind the attacks. An attack was previously announced on a Turkish Twitter account.

Kati Piri

The ddos ​​attacks would probably have to do with the work of Kati Piri, the number 5 on the PvdA’s list of candidates. As rapporteur Turkey of the European Parliament, she has written critical reports about that country.

When the attacks started earlier this month, the Social Democratic Party’s website was also out for several hours. Piri’s own website was also the target of DDoS attacks.

Servers under attack

A DDOS attack tries to make a website, server or service inaccessible. A computer system is visited so massively that it crashes via a network of hacked devices.


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