Query your own phone number and device IMEI

With clever cell phone codes (USSD) you can quickly and easily query your cell phone number and the IMEI of your smartphone.

The problem:

You can’t have everything in your head. And that’s why many people don’t know their own mobile phone number. It becomes even more complicated when a second mobile phone is used as a company phone. You can easily get confused with the phone numbers. Fortunately, cell phones will give you your number.

The solution is called the USSD code.

The USSD stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. These are service and control commands in the GSM cellular network. With the correct sequence of stars (*), double crosses (#) and digits, you can elicit important information from your mobile phone or smartphone.

Alternatively, the USSD commands are also used as cell phone codes or keyboard shortcuts for smartphones


USSD codes have been around since the prehistoric times of the cell phone, and they have made their way into the smartphone age as well.
Two particularly important USSD codes show you your mobile phone number and the IMEI of your smartphone. You need the latter, for example, if your smartphone is stolen and you want the police to list it for a search.


Some USSD codes work

on all

Cell phones and smartphones


with all SIM cards.

Other USSD codes, however, work

only with the SIM cards of certain cellular providers


Display the phone number via USSD

To find out your own telephone number, switch to the telephone function on your Android smartphone, iPhone or mobile phone. If it is not currently displayed, switch to the keypad. Enter the character string *

135 #

and confirm with the call button. The dialing with the code number is now carried out, and after a brief moment, your phone number appears on the display as the result of the call.

This code does not work, for example, with an O2 SIM card such as that used in the Tchibo network.


This code does not work, for example, with an O2 SIM card such as that used in the Tchibo network.


* 135 # only works in the T-Mobile network. So it is a cellular provider-dependent USSD!

If you are using a SIM card from Vodafone or O2, for example, this command will not work. But you don’t break anything with it.

This USSD code only works with Telekom SIM cards.


This USSD code only works with Telekom SIM cards.

Display the IMEI of the smartphone via USSD

You can also display the device’s IMEI code just as easily. This is the abbreviation for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15-digit serial number with which every GSM and UMTS device can be uniquely identified worldwide. Incidentally, dual SIM cell phones have two IMEI numbers, see the lead picture for this message at the top.

With * # 06 # you can display the IMEI code.

The device can be blocked by network operators using this number in the event of theft. As the number can no longer be queried if it is lost, you should write it down to be on the safe side. To view them, type * # 06 # on the phone keypad. A confirmation is not necessary, as the number appears automatically and without delay after entering this character string.


The * # 06 # works on all mobile devices regardless of the smartphone manufacturer and wireless provider. So with every SIM card from Telekom, Vodafone, O2 etc.

By the way: even the Munich police

this way.


Use this mobile phone code to change the

PIN of your O2 SIM card
or the

PIN of your Vodafone SIM card.


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