Quick response: Tesla update brings back charging at third-party CCS pillars in Europe

The spook only lasted a few days: Last weekend, the first reports came from European Tesla owners who complained that their electric cars could no longer be charged at CCS columns from other providers after a software update. In the following days, the number of these complaints increased, and according to information from those affected, Tesla service employees confirmed that the problem was known and that it was being worked on. And it now seems to be actually there in the form of another new software version.

No answer, but reaction from Tesla

The fact that not all Tesla electric cars on which the software was installed in 2021.4.3 were affected contributed to some perplexity with regard to the CCS problem in Europe. In addition, it did not seem to appear at all foreign charging stations and not with every attempt there. Some Model 3 drivers reported that charging at CCS columns with a comparatively low output of 50 kilowatts was still possible, but not at faster ones. was also able to charge a Model X at a 50-kilowatt station on Wednesday for the second time.

Inquiries from Tesla and one of the providers of CCS chargers on this topic went unanswered. But instead, a reaction came from late Wednesday in the form of another software update to version 2021.4.6, as announced by Tesla owners on Twitter, among others.


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During the download process, they expressed the hope that the quick update contained a solution to the CCS problem, and this was confirmed: On Twitter and in the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends, several previously affected people reported that they were now charging direct current again at other pillars to be able to.

Software 2021.4.6 without CCS notice

According to the TeslaFi service, the information on the latest version of the Tesla software does not directly indicate that it also involves CCS changes – it only mentions “small corrections”. The fact that Tesla gave the problem high priority is shown in another way: According to reports, the new software 2021.4.6 was also installed without an active WiFi connection and sometimes without prior request from the owners, which is otherwise only the case for security-critical updates .


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