Quick Tesla offer: 3 months free FSD for “all” deliveries before the end of the year

The FSD option for (future) autonomous driving at Tesla in the USA costs $ 10,000, while in Europe you have to invest € 7,500. For many interested parties, that’s too much money in one fell swoop, so they are waiting for the subscription offer for the autonomy functions announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In the short term, however, there is now another option to come to FSD, at least temporarily, without additional financial investment: All Teslas handed over to customers this year can use the function for three months free of charge, announced Musk.

Extra boost for Tesla at the end of the year

Obviously, the Tesla boss wants to give the activities that are already in full swing at the end of the quarter and year an additional boost. It was previously announced that Tesla would offer three months of free supercharging in the USA if customers take over their electric cars before the end of December. In order to achieve the annual target of 500,000 deliveries, Tesla would have to hand over around 182,000 cars in the last quarter, far more than ever before.

The FSD offer applies to “all” Teslas that are delivered on the last three days of the year, wrote Musk on Tuesday evening on Twitter. This is likely to relate primarily to the USA and to markets there close to the parent plant in Fremont in California, which can be reached with newly produced electric cars at short notice. Last week Musk described the annual target as achievable, but asked for the utmost commitment and reinforcement in the final assembly so that rework can be avoided.

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A request from as to whether the test offer also applies to markets outside the USA initially went unanswered. According to Musk’s formulation, however, that should be the case. Because the FSD range of functions is still limited in Europe and the latest version has so far only reached a few beta testers in the USA, you should perhaps not take it as an opportunity to buy a new Tesla. But if you order such an electric car anyway and have a collection date before New Year’s Eve, you could try to get the autonomy functions on a test basis.


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