Quiet first day in the port of Rotterdam after the Brexit deal | Financial

Traffic congestion near ferry terminals did not occur. It also remained very quiet at the special Brexit buffer parking locations for truck drivers who do not yet have their papers in order.

Only Monday 4 January, the first real working day with a regular sailing schedule, will the real impact of Brexit on the port and on the goods and traffic flows around the terminals become clear. In the run-up to January 1, larger stocks have been built up in the United Kingdom. As a result, more than average more goods have been transported by ferry in recent weeks.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, municipalities, ferry companies, customs, NVWA, police, security region, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Portbase have taken measures in close collaboration to ensure that the flow of goods to and from the United Kingdom continues as smoothly as possible and to avoid traffic nuisance.


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