Raab on feminism: “Terminology is currently not the most important”

KURIER: You can’t get anything out of the concept of feminism. Would you describe yourself as an emancipated woman and if so, why?

Susanne Raab: Yes sure. I believe that every woman should choose the model of life that is best for her. It is part of being a self-confident and independent woman. I see myself as a fighter for women’s rights and for equality between men and women. The most important thing at the moment is not the question of terminology, but how we can best support women in the Corona crisis.

Are there reasons to celebrate International Women’s Day, especially in the beginning of the second Corona year?

International Women’s Day has its place every year, so that awareness of equality between women and men is further increased. How much this day is of course overshadowed by Corona and how we can help women worldwide in crisis. But it will also be decisive what we can achieve for the women in the remaining 364 days.

As minister, you are responsible for the agendas for women, equality, integration, family and youth. Why do women need their own political representation – but men don’t?

As long as there is still so much to be done in terms of gender equality, we simply need a women’s ministry of its own. I am pleased that I can do my part here in a responsible position to further improve the situation for women in Austria.


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