Race for cheap entry: Like Tesla, VW wants an electric car for 25,000 euros by 2023

Someone must have chatted at Volkswagen, because various media suddenly began on Friday and in some cases contradictingly to report on the accelerated development of an electric car below the current entry-level model ID.3. Shortly beforehand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had confirmed that a new electric car was to be developed at the German Gigafactory near Berlin, and a rather compact one. And a few weeks ago he spoke of a finally affordable Tesla for $ 25,000 – the smaller electric VW should also move in this price range.

Smaller models from Tesla and VW 2023?

Many reports on Friday said that VW would accelerate the development of a small or compact electric car. The news agency Bloomberg also named a year: possibly 2023. In addition, the price was less than 30,000 euros. Reuters, on the other hand, reported on an electric car the size of a Polo that would cost between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. Musk had previously spoken of 2023 as the year for the compact Tesla.

Also in German reports on Friday below 25,000 euros or a starting price of 20,000 euros or more were mentioned, so that this figure has a majority of the media behind them. In any case, what is meant is the price before electric car premiums such as the German one, which amounts to around 9500 euros in this class. Because if you include the environmental bonus, the basic version of the VW ID.3 that can be ordered today only costs around 25,000 euros.

Tesla, on the other hand, would jump two price ranges down with an electric car for $ 25,000, as CEO Musk first mentioned at Battery Day in late September. For a short time, the Model 3, which Musk had long promised, was officially available in the USA for 35,000 dollars, then only on request and recently not at all. Entry into the Tesla world now costs at least 38,000 dollars in the home market, there before taxes. In Germany, you currently have to spend at least 38,000 euros on a new Tesla Model 3, including subsidies and taxes.

Renault electric car is already closer to destination

CEO Musk had already announced in the past that a Tesla should come below the Model 3, both from the Gigafactory in China and the emerging German one, developed locally. For Germany, he confirmed this this week as a guest at an EU battery conference. The Tesla boss did not repeat the $ 25,000 and the year 2023 from its own battery day, but affirmed that a more compact format would probably make sense in Europe. Specifically, he spoke of a hatchback Tesla like VW Golf or ID.3, but also the smaller Polo.

Nevertheless, it can be said that the race between Tesla and Volkswagen is about the same entry-level category for electric cars. Perhaps Tesla Model 1 and VW ID.2 (both speculative names) will also differ as much as Model 3 and ID.3, which are still often compared. And, of course, Renault is a little closer to the common goal of Tesla and VW with the compact electric car and current German market leader Zoe, which is both slightly smaller and cheaper from 2000 euros than even the VW ID.3.


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