Rachel Hazes responds to online haters: ‘Do not know how it is’

Rachel has been under fire on Instagram since this morning, because she shared a photo there with bags full of expensive items. Her followers call it “disgusting” and “inappropriate at this time”. Rachel doesn’t like that. ‘Despite everything, try to get the best out of it and above all to love’, she now writes.

“And for the negative people, you don’t know what it’s really about so don’t judge,” Rachel says clearly. Rachel herself wishes the people who are now bothering her the very best. Dear people, enjoy all of your loved ones around you and cherish the beautiful moments. Lots of love and a healthy 2021. ‘

Recently, of course, the big news came out that Rachel’s son André has proposed to his girlfriend Monique. It’s no big secret that Rachel and Monique don’t get along well. In the video below, Rachel talks about the fact that she will no longer approach Monique.


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