Racing Unleashed: Hollywood star makes sim racers fit

He became a star in his supporting role in the Oscar-winning film Gladiator. Now Ralf Moeller is making the gladiators strong behind the steering wheels! As the fitness coach of Racing Unleashed (Chief Fitness Officer/CFO), the former bodybuilder is supposed to guide the drivers of the Racer and Challenger League to the ideal line both physically and mentally. The next championship round starts this weekend on the virtual circuit in Monza.
The Championship of Racing Unleashed (go to the homepage here) – this is the racing series in which the pilots chase a virtual 2022 Formula 1 model around the racetracks in high-performance simulators. 46-inch screens with a panoramic view and carbon fiber cockpits with an integrated sound system make the races in the racing lounges at various locations in Germany, Switzerland and Spain an almost real Formula 1 experience. In total, the prize money is almost 200,000 Swiss francs.

Simracing fitness coach and actor Ralf Moeller makes the pilots fit.

“If you want to be competitive, you have to be in good mental and physical shape,” explains Moeller. “That means training and the right diet. Diet makes up 80 percent of that. During training, the focus is on the neck and back muscles. The young people should be motivated to work on being healthy.”

Because what applies on the real racetrack also counts in the simulator. If you still want to set top times after several laps, you need stamina and strong trunk muscles in order to be able to concentrate purely on the track performance.

Unlike on the steering wheel at home, G-forces are also simulated in the €75,000 Racing Unleashed simulators. “In corners or when braking, it really presses the driver into the seat,” explains ex-Formula 1 racing driver Karl Wendlinger, today race manager at Racing Unleashed.

The drivers of the Racer and Challenger League will also experience hard braking points and corners with high centrifugal forces in Monza at the weekend. The track is about 250 kilometers as the crow flies from Imola, where Formula 1 is running at the same time. However, the simracers are not on site in person, but pilot one of the simulators in the RU lounges in Zurich, Kemptthal, Cham, Munich and Madrid.

The drivers of the Racing Unleashed Championship start in Monza on Saturday and Sunday.

In the Racer League, Michal Smidl leads the table after two out of ten competitions. The runner-up for the 2021 season has a 15-point lead over Javier Loro. The German Angelo Michel is in third place.

The qualifying race in Monza will again be particularly interesting. In reverse order of the championship, the pilots start in an elimination run. After a few introductory laps, the last pilot is eliminated after each lap and starts the subsequent main race in the corresponding position. In other words: Smidl has to start the qualifying race from last place, Nico Fahland is allowed to start from pole as the championship leader.

A 15-point cushion also has Challenger League leader David Cid on Siro Zambra. Anyone can qualify for the Driver Assistance Assisted Championship (traction control and ABS activated). To do this, interested parties must set a fast lap time in the lounge of their choice in the weeks leading up to the competition. If you are one of the fastest participants, you are part of the race weekend.
The Monza races will be broadcast on Twitch and on this page with German commentary on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m.

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