Racing Unleashed in Monza: DTM champion of eSports drives with

DTM champion of eSports drives Racing Unleashed

The third to last championship run of the Racing Unleashed Competition is coming up. In Monza, eSports-DTM and -GT Masters champion Moritz Löhner will make his debut in the high-tech simulator.

Vom the simulator into the real racing car cockpit is the great dream of many eSports professionals in motorsport. Moritz Löhner is one of those who have fulfilled this. The Doerr Esports Team pilot, who lives in Munich, won the DTM eSports Championship in 2020. He also won three titles in the virtual ADAC GT Masters.
After triumphing in the eSports DTM, he got behind the wheel of a real racing car. He was able to convince in his test in the 510 hp Mercedes-AMG GT. That is why Löhner competed in the DTM Trophy this year and immediately finished eighth in the championship. He was on the podium twice. Despite the rocket launch in real motorsport, he still gives full throttle on the virtual courses. On Sunday Löhner will celebrate his debut in the third last round of the Racing Unleashed Competition.
The Racing Unleashed Competition is a sim racing championship that is held in high-tech simulators. The state-of-the-art cockpits are in the various Racing Unleashed lounges, including in Munich, Zurich and Madrid. Race number eight starts on Sunday on the virtual Monza track.

Ex-Formula 1 team boss Monisha Kaltenborn is the CEO of the Racing Unleashed project.

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The competition is divided into Racer and Challenger League. The Racer League, in which Löhner will also start, will be held without driving aids. Driving aids such as traction control and ABS may be used in the Challenger League. The races will be broadcast live on Twitch on Sunday. Ex-Formula 1 team boss Monisha Kaltenborn is behind the project as CEO.

In addition to Löhner’s debut, two other German sim racers are celebrating their debut in Monza. Fabio Unverduss and Nick Schulte Wissermann will also compete in the Racer League. All German pilots except Angelo Michel (drives in Kempthal) take a seat in the cockpits of the Munich Lounge, which is located in the Munich Motorworld. For the Racing Lounge Zurich on Dreikönigsstrasse, however, it will be the last appearance in the competition. The lounge will be relocated to Zurich Airport.

The Racer League championship is as close as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1. The Czech Michal Smidl leads with 102 points, Alejandro Sanchez (Spain) lurking just six points behind.

Javier Loro is more comfortable in the Challenger League. With three races to go, he is 23 points ahead of his Spanish compatriots Marcos Valverde and David Cid.

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