Racing Unleashed in Spa: Title candidate drives in Munich Lounge

Simracing: Title candidate drives in the Munich lounge

The sixth round of the Racing Unleashed Competition starts on Sunday. The pilots of the Racer and Challenger League drive on the virtual circuit of Spa.

D.he championship fight in the Racing Unleashed Competition comes to a head: Alejandro Sanchez (Spain) and Michal Smidl (Czech Republic) are fighting for the title in the Racer League in the best racing series of virtual racing and a real Formula 1 cockpit.

The sixth and thus fourth last run will take place in Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday. This weekend, too, the sim racers will receive prize money of 7,500 euros, which will be distributed among the top 10 of the Racer League.

The Racing Unleashed competition (click here for the homepage with all information) – this is the racing series in which the drivers use high-performance simulators to chase a virtual Formula 1 model from 2020 over the racetracks. 46-inch screens with a panorama-like view and carbon fiber cockpits with an integrated sound system make the races an almost real Formula 1 experience.

Motorsport of the day after tomorrow in the battle for hundredths of a second! The managing director: Ex-Sauber team boss Monisha Kaltenborn, who also takes the issues of sustainability and digitization into account in racing. A driving mistake does not end in the wall, but it also decides between victory and defeat.

The sixth round of the Racing Unleashed Competition starts on Sunday.

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The competition is divided into two classes. In the Racer League, full professionals compete against each other without driving aids. In the Challenger League, the fighting is just as hard, but the sim pilots with a different level of difficulty have driving aids available.

The races are held in the so-called racing lounges (including in Cham, Kemptthal, Zurich, Madrid and Munich). The drivers sit in identical state-of-the-art simulators that cost 80,000 euros. In the high-tech cockpits, the sim racers have to master Eau Rouge, La Source and Co. on Sunday. The traditional Belgian circuit at Spa-Francorchamps is also a real challenge in the simulator. Especially since the G-forces of the “Ardennes rollercoaster” are transmitted in a weakened form.

For the first time, the Czech pilots take a seat in the Munich lounge. Michal Smidl could thus achieve the first podium for the still new lounge in Munich’s Motorworld.

One thing is certain: the past races in the Racer League whet the appetite for the spa cracker. There were a few overtaking maneuvers and exciting duels at Silverstone and at the Red Bull Ring. Something similar can be expected on Sunday. There are only 17 points between the two World Cup opponents Sanchez (94) and Smidl (77). The pressure on the part of the Czech is great. Smidl missed the podium for the first time in the last race at Silverstone and only finished fourth in the Sanchez victory. Coming up will be difficult given the Spaniard’s good results. In the last four races he finished in first or second place.

The Challenger League is even closer. There even three drivers are fighting for first place in the last four races. Javier Loro is in first place with 78 points. His Spanish compatriots Marcos Valverde (72) and David Cid (64) follow behind.

On Sunday you can follow the races live on the Racing Unleashed Twitch channel. The broadcast begins with the qualifying and races of the Challenger League. This is followed by the championship run of the Racer League.

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