Rafael gives injured Estavana a heart

Estavana is an important player of the national women’s team and for that reason the injury is all the more sour. Rafael supports her on Instagram. “You have been really looking forward to the new season and now have to deal with a huge setback because of your serious knee injury. I feel so sorry for you, but I’m sure you’ll come back much stronger! ” Estavana’s followers also wish her a speedy recovery.

An MRI scan revealed that Estavana’s right cruciate ligament is torn. On Tuesday, the handball player will hear more about a possible operation. In the worst case scenario, this injury means that she will have to miss the European Championship in December. Estavana herself says the following about the injury: “I immediately felt that it was serious. I am now trying to have surgery as soon as possible so that I can start rehabilitating.”

Estavana’s great love Rafael was in the news a lot recently because he was spotted with Sylvie Meis again. The two ex-lovers arranged for the move of dear son Damián to Denmark.


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